Alan & Joan

The Reeses were recommended to us by a corperate relocation company. We successfully sold our house in Sammamish in one day with multiple offers! They were very professional and knowledgeable about the market. Eric’s strength was understanding the market dynamics and how to price to sell. His negotiation skills were excellent which avoided some potential conflicts. He exceeded our need of selling within 60 days of listing. Both Renee and Eric were very responsive and attentive to our needs throughout the whole process. We were extremely happy clients!

Jodi Bonkoski

I highly recommend the Reeses. They knew my style so well that when a house “snuck” back on the market on New Year’s Day, Eric called me because he knew it would be the one. Indeed it was. Thanks to his understanding what I was looking for and his diligence in watching the listings, I got the perfect house. I also felt that his negotiation skills gave me an advantage in the contract and put me in a better position than I would have been otherwise. They made the process easy including signing the millions of papers and changes – it wasn’t a disruption to my job or other commitments.

Greg & Stacey

My wife and I could not be happier with the professionalism, skill, and wisdom that Eric & Renee demonstrated all through the process. Thank you both for a world-class experience!

Robert and Cheryl

Eric accomplished a miracle. We needed to relocate out-of-state for work; our house was in pre-foreclosure; and it was a short sale to boot! We had just about the worst combination of circumstances.

We listed the house on June 6th, knowing that we had an August 12th foreclosure date. We received an offer around June 24th. We received sale approval from our bank around August 10th, which stopped the foreclosure. We closed our sale on August 29th.

Everytime there was a bump in the road along the way, Eric was right on top of it and believe me we had more than our share. He knows foreclosures better than any Realtor that we spoke to. That explains why he has a 100% closing rate on short sales when the national average is around 25%.

We HIGHLY recommend Eric Reese as your next Realtor.

Eric & Gretchen

Eric and Renee were recommended to us by our corporate relocation company. They were very professional and easy to work with. They did a great job of helping us get the house ready to list which helped our house sell within 2 weeks!

Kevin & Kelly Van Raden

Eric and Renee helped our family find the perfect home. We had specific needs and needed to get the process moving along in a timely manner. The Reese team went to work immediately to provide us with many options. Eric and Renee were always available and we got a great deal on a wonderful home. I truley appreciate all the hard work and support they offered during our move from California to Washington. We couldn’t have found our home without them. I highly recommend them Eric and Renee Reese.

Tom & Megan Petchel

We met Eric while touring another house. Although we didn’t purchase that property, we enjoyed our tour with him so much that we hired him as both our selling and buying agent. We purchased our new home before selling our current one. Eric walked us through each step of the process and was able to quickly answer our many questions. He also broke-down the negotiation process into manageable steps. Eric also provided us with a few of his preferred lenders. We interviewed each lender and found one that was able to match our requirements perfectly. When it came time to sell our current home, Eric provided us with a market analysis so that we could establish a listing price that reflects the market and the condition of our house. Eric also helped us reasonably select what projects to work on to get the house in listing condition, and also referred us to a contractor that could get these jobs done quickly and at a reasonable price. Because we moved out of our current house before listing it, Renee staged it with just enough furniture to give potential buyers an idea of what is possible. We received and accepted an offer just three days after the house went on the market. We were impressed by how fast Eric and Renee were able to get the house sold in this tough economy! Another nice touch on Eric and Renee’s service were the one-year home warranties on both our current and new homes and the lifetime concierge service. It’s great that we’ll be able to tap into Eric’s professional network as we settle into our new home and need services such as contracting work. I can’t say enough good things about our experience with the Reeses. We will definitely recommend them to others.

Fadi & Liz

Awesome service and professionalism. Would highly recommend Eric’s services Anytime!

Erik & Karen Burgess

Hi, My name is Karen Seybold. My husband and I owned a beautiful home in Bothell, Washington. We had a very unusual home. It was a one story with 6 bedrooms because it formerly was used for care giving. We had started to do some re-modeling with the home but eventually were not able to complete most of the projects that we started. We new that we had to get out of our home due to a very large mortgage payment. I new the agent who took on our project was not going to have an easy sell. I am so eternally grateful that we picked the perfect team. Eric and Renee stood by us as we decided to move out of our house to Arizona. Loyalty, hard work and an exceptional human spirit is the beginning of how to describe these 2 agents. Little did we all know that this would be almost a 2 year journey through multiple buyers falling through. Eric and Renee had the “heart” and the wisdom to see this through and his dedication will be remembered forever. Whether you are just moving to Seattle for the first time or have lived their your whole life in Seattle and are looking for a change, you won’t find a more professional, experienced, loving team that dedicates their “all” to your cause.


I have heard through the neighborhood grapevine that you are considering a move in the near future. If you have thoughts about selling your home I would like to recommend a realtor that we have worked with recently in the neighborhood to make a difficult sale.

sold home in east seattle neighborhoodIt was the house across the street from mine (Lot 19). The property was upside down financially. Two realtors listed the property for six months with no results. Along comes Eric and Renee Reese who listed it, showed it to more prospective buyers in two weeks than either of the first ones did during their entire listing. I know personally that Eric worked tirelessly with the creditors to get the sale through and avoid foreclosure. Both Eric and Renee are “professional” in their approach and commitment. They have a good grasp of the uniqueness of our neighborhood and what it takes to market a property here.

I have left a card and this email in your door for your review. I highly recommend Eric and Renee. Give them a shot at listing your property if you decide to sell.

-Steve Engel

Dear Eric & Renee,

sold propertyJust a little note – long overdue to thank you for all your help with my MomĀ“s house. There was no way I could have gotten through that whole ordeal without the help and support of many friends but a certain few definitely went several extra miles out of their way to reach out in kindness and support. You are two of those people. I cannot even begin to express my gratitude for all your time and energy.”

Joanne Nelson ,
Bellevue, Washington

Selling my home on my own has provided insight to many realtors and their style. I have found a few to be encouraging, supportive and quite personable. Eric Reese of Coldwell Banker Bain is someone I have already recommended to three people I know about to list. He has consistently anticipated my needs, supplied information and acted as a low key sounding board. I specifically recommended him to one friend because, with all she has to accomplish before the move, I thought a calm, experienced realtor might be just what she needs to take a lot of the work out of moving. I want recommended Eric and Renee Reese to her. They have been generous with their support to the sale of my home even though they know I will not be listing with them. Eric has gone beyond the call with research and advice. I think you might find working with Eric a comfort over some of the take charge bulldozer types. He seems to keep the sale of my home as a priority rather than scoring new clients (or a listing). And he has experience with high end homes. Here is contact info Eric Reese at Coldwell Banker Bain 425 883 2744.

-Rita Ashley

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